Oral Surgery Anesthesia: What is Intravenous Sedation?

Oral surgery anesthesia has come a long way. Gone are the shot glass and pliers – this is the age of pain-free oral surgery. And intravenous sedation is the ultimate in anesthesia. Also known astwilight sedation” for its put-me-under properties, intravenous sedation calms you and eliminates pain during your dental procedure. It’s designed to get you through your oral surgery in a very relaxed state. You won’t even remember what would otherwise be a very uncomfortable experience.


I.V. sedation will help relieve your anxiety about your surgery. You might not always be “asleep” – but you’ll definitely be comfortable and calm. You’ll remain relaxed, drifting in and out of a “twilight sleep.”


If you decide to undergo intravenous sedation, your anesthesia is administered and monitored by your fully trained and qualified oral surgeon. In this way, you avoid the huge expense of having your surgery in a hospital or surgical facility.


How is Intravenous Sedation Administered?


A small needle will be inserted into an arm or hand vein. An intravenous tube will drip the anesthetic to the needle, helping you relax in comfort.


Sometimes a vein isn’t able to support the needle throughout the procedure. In that case, the medication will be injected and the needle will be removed. Either way, you’ll reach the same proper level of twilight sedation.


If you have a medical condition, or a specific medication that prohibits full sedation, your oral surgeon may decide to lightly sedate you and you might not sleep.


The purpose of intravenous sedation is to use minimal medication while the surgery is being done. Because of that, it’s quite safe, more so than oral sedation. During I.V. sedation, you receive a constant “drip” of medication through the tube. An antidote is ready and waiting to be used any time, if it’s necessary to counter the anesthetic’s effects.


Intravenous Sedation Relieves Fear


Dental phobia is real, can be suffocating, and affects many people.


If you have a fear of dental procedures, take heart. Your oral surgeon has taken an oath to treat you – not just your condition. Our staff won’t just treat you with caring concern. We can offer intravenous sedation that can help take you through your experience free from fear.


While you “sleep, your oral surgeon will neatly perform your procedure. When you wake, you’ll have the results you want and need – and no memory of the surgery.


Thanks to intravenous sedation, you can rest easy.