3 Simple Reasons Why You Can Trust Dental Implant Safety

Losing a tooth can be a huge event. Your mouth feels different, eating is strange, and – depending where the gap is – your smile changes. Thinking about getting a dental implant makes sense. But the process is complex. Is it safe? The answer is yes. Here are 3 simple reasons why you can trust dental implant safety.

1) Dental Implants Are Strong

Dental implants are usually made of titanium. It’s a strong, sturdy metal that interacts well with your body. Once the implant is placed, your bone fuses with it, creating a solid foundation for replacement teeth.

Implants have the stability and strength they need to function just like regular teeth. They’re stronger and more natural than any other type of tooth replacement. And they feel just like you never lost the tooth.

2) Dental Implants Protect Your Jaw

When you lose a tooth, your bone responds. If left unfilled, the gap will start to drift closed, with the teeth on either side moving out of their natural places. Your bite changes, and the way you chew and smile has to be adjusted. You may even be self-conscious of your new smile.

But it’s more serious than that. Without a tooth in your jaw, the supporting bone lacks the stimulation it needs. It starts to dissolve, becoming reabsorbed into your body. This can weaken your jaw – and is serious if you’ve lost more than one tooth in a row.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that stimulates your jawbone like a real tooth would. And that’s the most important way to halt bone loss.

3) Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate

Let’s be clear. Getting implants is surgery. You’re getting a prosthesis inserted in your mouth. As such, there are a percentage of implants that just don’t take. Infection can cause your body to reject the implant.

Fortunately, over 95% of implants are successful – and can last a lifetime with proper care. Yes, there are some risks. But you risk more by doing nothing.


Dental implants are safe, strong, and effective. They’re proven to be the best long-term tooth replacement solution. If you’ve recently experienced tooth loss, the time to act is now.

Call an expert oral surgeon and make the appointment that leads to good health – and increased quality of life.