How to Choose the Best Dental Implant Expert

Choosing the best dental implant expert makes a huge difference. It can be life-changing.

Think about this: a good, well-cared-for implant can last a lifetime. And a failed implant can damage your jaw bone. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best dental implant expert in your area.

You’ll want to do thorough research when choosing an oral surgeon. Here are 5 questions to ask your dental implant expert.

1) Are You a Dental Implant Expert?

The right training leads to the best results. You don’t want an “implantologist.” That’s not an accredited specialty recognized by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Generally, only oral surgeons and periodontists are formally trained as dental implant experts.

2) What Is Your Training?

Ask specifically the names of the courses, dates, durations, and who sponsored them. Search these courses and see if they are legitimate programs endorsed or supported by professional associations.

3) How Many Dental Implants Have You Done?

Your dental implant expert’s answer to this question will be revealing. You’re looking for a skilled oral surgeon who has placed hundreds (or thousands) of implants. You want a surgeon who does these surgeries every day of the week. If they’ve placed few implants, question their qualifications.

4) What Specialists Do You Work With?

Most oral surgeons work with other specialists near them. Talking to them can give you a valuable outside perspective. If your implant expert is confident in his skills, he should be happy to put you in touch with his peers.

5) Do You Have Testimonials?

This is where you’ll learn about the intangibles. Training is essential, and skill is vital. But so are honesty, integrity, communication, and a professional “bedside manner.” Past patients can give you insight your oral surgeon’s whole practice.

6) How Knowledgeable Is Your Staff?

Chances are that if your doctor’s staff can’t readily answer your questions, you’re not working with the best dental implant expert. A staff that hears implant questions frequently will know the answers by heart.

7) May I have More Information?

A practice that focuses on dental implants will have all the brochures, handouts, and pamphlets on hand. If they have to dig for info, they don’t do implant surgeries often enough to gain your confidence.

Oral surgeons have taken the Hippocratic oath. We’re bound to faithfully provide our patients with the best care. And at East Brainerd Oral Surgery, we take that promise seriously.

From the moment you step in our front door, you’ll experience confident care from the best dental implant experts in the area. Give us a call to discuss your new smile today.