Do I Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth? How to Know

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Pain

Impacted wisdom teeth are painful. They’re actually a common cause of jaw pain. If you have a “toothache,” you might as well be asking, “do I have impacted wisdom teeth?”

Finding out for sure is important. Because impacted wisdom teeth, when unaddressed, can be come infected, they’re a danger to the health of your entire mouth. And they can cause damage to your otherwise healthy teeth. That’s a risk you’d like to avoid. So let’s ask the question:

Do I Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

We hope not. There are 4 simple signs. Look for these – if you have one or more of them, you may have impacted wisdom teeth.

1. You Have Trouble Eating

If you’re having a hard time chewing food, or if cold drinks cause shooting pains, you may have impacted wisdom teeth. If even the foods you love cause too much pain for you to truly enjoy them, you should make an appointment with an oral surgeon. Tooth removal is a necessary pain that will take away your suffering long-term.

2. Your Mouth Feels Painful

If the back of your mouth is extremely tender or painful – if simply biting down a bit brings tears to your eyes – your wisdom tooth (or teeth) may be impacted. It may be hard to localize the pain if it hurts intensely, but you may notice that it lingers longest behind your last molar.

3. You Have Jaw Swelling

Does it hurt when you touch your jaw? Do you see swelling in your cheek or jaw when you’re in front of the mirror? Swelling is a significant sign that something’s amiss in your mouth. If the rest of your teeth feel fine, you’re probably experiencing an impacted wisdom tooth that needs removal.

4. Your Gums are Tender, Red, or Bleeding

Impacted wisdom teeth often lead to tender gums. It may be one of the first signs you experience. Pay attention if your gums hurt, look red, or even bleed. You may have an impacted wisdom tooth showing its presence.

What Should I Do if I Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

If the signs point to impacted wisdom teeth, make an appointment today. Pain isn’t fun – and the consequences of ignoring an impacted tooth only get worse the longer you wait.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Our oral surgeons have decades of experience. And we’ve helped thousands of people like you in Chattanooga. After your impacted wisdom teeth are extracted and the site heals, you’ll feel much better.

You can live free from dental pain. Call us today to learn more or make an appointment.