Oral Cancer: What Are the Warning Signs?

Scare tactics aren’t necessary when it comes to oral cancer. Everyone already knows it’s bad. Instead, we’re focusing on knowledge rather than fear.

At East Brainerd Oral Surgery, we’re trying to raise awareness about oral cancer. After all, one person every hour succumbs to it. And awareness is a strong defense – it can protect you from misreading your symptoms. The earlier you detect it, the more easily oral cancer can be treated – and the better your prognosis may be.

You’re trying to avoid ignorance. It may be tempting to ignore symptoms or pass them off as nothing. But if oral cancer is left alone, it may spread beyond your mouth. We care about your health – and your quality of life!

Here’s a list of symptoms to watch for that can allow enough time for treatment.

Symptoms to Watch For

* Reddish or whitish patches in your mouth

* Persistent lumps or sores along your gums, tongue, tonsils, lips, or mouth lining

* Unusual bleeding in your mouth

* Chronic sore throat or hoarseness

* Difficulty in chewing or swallowing (this can show up as a difficulty in speaking or even trouble moving your jaw)

* Numbness of your tongue

* Jaw swelling or loosening of your teeth

* Persistent bad breath

* A lump in your neck

Obviously, some of these symptoms can be the result of other, less serious causes. And that’s what we would hope for! However, if any of these symptoms stick around for days or weeks, you would be wise to consult an oral pathologist.

If your symptoms call for further examination, taking a tissue sample for a biopsy is the next step. Your oral surgeon can then interpret the results. If the sample is benign, wonderful! If cancer is present, your doctor will discuss possible treatments with you and get you set up for your most positive result.

Please be aware of these signs and symptoms and check yourself regularly. Remember that your mouth is one of your body’s most important warning systems. So if you notice these signs early, act right away. You can be confident that you’re in caring hands with East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Call us today to stay in good health.