What Happens if You Don’t Get Wisdom Teeth Removed? 

if you don't get wisdom teeth removed

Oral surgery is among many people’s least favorite things – but what happens if you don’t get wisdom teeth removed? Waiting is understandable. Waiting too long, however, can leave you with painful, lasting problems.


If You Don’t Get Wisdom Teeth Removed . . .


Think we’re being dramatic? We’ve seen enough cases of impacted wisdom teeth that were ignored for too long. No need to exaggerate just to make a point. Here’s what can happen if you don’t get wisdom teeth removed.


1. You Could Get Infected


Our oral surgeons often remove wisdom teeth because they’ve only partially erupted. When a wisdom tooth fails to fully erupt, it can lead to pericoronitis – a bacterial infection of the gums. Treatment can be as painless as a salt rinse. A more painful infection may cause swelling and pain. In that case, you may need antibiotics. In the worst case (severe inflammation or recurring infection), you could even need oral surgery – the very thing you may have been trying to avoid.


2. You Could End Up With Bone Damage


A wisdom tooth that fails to erupt at all causes other problems. Cysts can develop next to the recalcitrant tooth. If you don’t get wisdom teeth removed, those cysts can damage your jawbone. They weaken it by creating hollow spots. They also damage the integrity of your gums. Oral surgery to remove both the cysts and the wisdom tooth is required.


3. Your Teeth Could Become Misaligned


When a wisdom tooth comes in crooked, they often crowd, damage, and push neighboring teeth out of alignment. That not only leads to wisdom tooth removal – it can also make repair necessary, and you may even need braces to correct your bite.


Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed In Time


You’ve seen what happens if you don’t get wisdom teeth removed. It’s best done as soon as you know there’s a problem. The good news is that you’ll likely only need one appointment and follow-up. Recovery will take place over 3-7 days, and you’ll be fully anesthetized during the procedure.


We agree. Surgery doesn’t sound like a fun day. That’s why we do our absolute best to answer your questions, prepare you, and send you home comfortable and healthy again – with an action plan for at-home post-surgery care.


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