3 Tips to Manage Wisdom Teeth Removal Anxiety

3 Tips to Manage Wisdom Teeth Removal Anxiety

It is perfectly normal to have some anxiety before surgery. You may experience nervousness about being under anesthesia, the surgical procedure, or even the healing process. Here at East Brainerd Oral Surgery, our highly-skilled and compassionate staff want to ease your anxieties as much as we can. We not only walk you through the process of the surgery, but also provide ways to cope with any pre-surgery anxiety or stress.


Here are 3 tips on how to manage your wisdom teeth removal anxiety


1. Learning About Your Surgery

At EBOS, we understand the best way to deal with any fears about surgery is to be informed. Surgery anxiety can often stem from a lack of information about what is taking place. When we schedule your wisdom teeth removal, we want to answer any of your questions about the surgery. We show you a video to provide further details, along with testimonials from other patients. We also go over what kind of anesthetics will be used on you during surgery.


2. Find Your Relaxation Technique

Everyone has their own technique they use to relax. Being relaxed is an integral part to reducing any pre-surgery qualms. Popular relaxation techniques include taking a walk (maybe the day before your surgery), meditating and breath-focusing, listening to music, or writing in a journal. Our staff is also happy to talk with you and encourage you through pre-surgery prep.


3. Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Any anxiety about surgery are usually concerns with “what could go wrong?” While there are risks associated with any kind of surgery, our knowledgeable surgeons work tirelessly to minimize any risks. That’s why following your surgeon’s –pre and –post op instructions is imperative for your recovery, as well as anxiety. Instructions like sleeping well and avoiding food or drink 6 hours before surgery will ensure the surgery and recovery goes well. No need to stress!


The informed consent videos we show patients before their surgery can be found here. Being informed is the first step to minimizing pre-surgery anxiety. You are in great hands at East Brainerd Oral Surgery.