Why Remove Wisdom Teeth Before They Erupt?

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth Before They Erupt

The signs of wisdom teeth eruption are often unmistakable. The obvious pain and discomfort when your wisdom teeth grow through your gum tissue (eruption) is what drives people to get them removed. However, you can actually have your wisdom teeth removed before eruption ever occurs. But, you may be asking:


Why Remove Wisdom Teeth Before They Erupt?


Read on to discover why removing wisdom teeth early may be a good preventative measure for you.


1. Avoid Eruption Pain


Sometimes people avoid having their wisdom teeth removed due to anxiety or fear of the surgery. Maybe they think a lack of pain means nothing is wrong. However, even if you are not feeling pain yet from wisdom teeth, it does not mean it won’t happen. Wisdom teeth are expected to come in around the ages 16-25, but this can vary. Planning wisdom teeth removal around these ages can save you from experiencing pain, and the cost of recovery time, when you are older.


2. Avoid Crowded Teeth


If your wisdom teeth do not erupt, they can grow at a side angle (called “impacted”) while still intact in the jawbone. Many oral surgeons point to impacted wisdom teeth as a reason for bottom teeth crowding. Teeth crowding refers to when teeth are misaligned and do not allow for normal space between the teeth. When left in the mouth, wisdom teeth can cause severe enough teeth crowding to warrant treatment, such as braces, for other affected teeth.


3. Avoid Unexpected Surgery


In other words, plan ahead. You will not only have to plan your normal schedule around the day of your surgery, but the recovery too. Recovery from wisdom teeth removal can take between 1-2 weeks. Even if your wisdom teeth have yet to erupt, scheduling removal around a convenient time is easier than rearranging frantically when wisdom teeth pain starts.


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