Wisdom Teeth and Braces: Keep or Remove?

wisdom teeth and braces

It may go without saying that wisdom teeth and braces are potentially two of the most uncomfortable dental procedures you can have. And many people wonder how wisdom teeth interact with braces. There’s good reason for that. You’ll spend a lot of money, time, and not-so-fun moments dealing with your braces. The last thing you want is to have your teeth becoming crooked all over again.

Wisdom teeth are the third set of adult molars that usually start to appear when people are between the ages of 17-21 years of age. The experience is different for each person. Some wisdom teeth never come in, and some come in partially to fully. Teeth that come out at an angle or are impacted are the ones that can cause issues.

That’s where our question comes in. Should you keep your wisdom teeth, or remove them before you get orthodontics? Likewise, what if they haven’t come in yet? Should you wait to get braces? Good questions. No one wants a poor result. Here’s one thing to remember:

Wisdom Teeth and Braces Do Affect Each Other

In most cases, wisdom teeth and braces don’t coexist well. Obviously, when it comes to braces, your orthodontist will monitor you. Not everyone will need oral surgery.

However, if you’ve just had your braces removed, it’s a good idea to also remove your wisdom teeth if they are likely to become impacted or displace your teeth. In that case, you’ll see an oral surgeon for the wisdom teeth removal procedure.

Many times, people will opt to have their wisdom teeth taken out before they undergo any orthodontic work. That’s especially important if the wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle. This saves money (and pain!) down the road. Moreover, the best time to act is before the roots have a chance to become firmly anchored in the jawbone.

So, do you need your wisdom teeth taken out before getting braces?

The answer is: maybe – but you should consult with your orthodontist first. The oral surgeons at East Brainerd Oral Surgery will be glad to help should removal prove necessary.

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