5 Oral Hygiene Habits That Will Help Save Your Natural Teeth

We provide oral surgery services. However, much like you, we want you to keep your natural teeth intact. Excellent oral hygiene is essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In fact, good hygiene can freshen your breath, help you avoid teeth staining, and prevent your gums from bleeding when you brush. Here are 5 oral hygiene habits that will help save your natural teeth.

However, poor dental care can lead to diseases. In addition, other negative effects like tooth decay, teeth loss, and resulting low self-esteem can occur. And, you may spend a lot of cash on treatment. So, let’s look at how you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

5 Oral Hygiene Habits That Will Help Save Your Natural Teeth

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice Per Day

Many individuals brush their teeth two times a day – in the morning and at night. But it’s essential that you brush your teeth properly. If you don’t brush your teeth thoroughly, you may end up damaging your gums because of wrong brushing methods. Brush in a circular motion. As you brush, make sure you clean the outside, the chewing surfaces, and the inside areas of your teeth. The right brushing habits will effectively eliminate plaque buildup.

2. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

In this case, “regularly” means at least twice each year. You want to make sure any problems are spotted before they escalate. If you have misaligned teeth, for example, the dentist can recommend braces. In addition, a good dentist will be able to give you early warning about issues like impacted wisdom teeth.

3. Use The Correct Tooth Brush

Toothbrushes come in different sizes and varying bristle stiffness. While some people prefer soft bristles, others prefer hard ones. Choose a toothbrush whose bristles and size you feel comfortable for your mouth. Avoid using hard bristle toothbrush if you have sensitive gums because it may cause your gums to start bleeding when you brush.

In addition, change your toothbrush often. An old toothbrush can harbor bacteria, which may cause infection. Splayed bristles may also scratch your gums when you brush.

4. Floss Daily

Brushing your teeth alone may not properly clean your teeth. The simple reason is that toothbrush bristles may not reach all areas between your teeth. Plaque and food particles tend to accumulate in those areas. In order to combat that, floss at least once per day. Regular flossing will help you reduce a major cause of bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

5. Minimize Sugary Drinks and Foods

Eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities. For that reason, avoid consuming too many sugary drinks and foods. To make matters worse, inadequate brushing may allow these foods particles to stick between your teeth. The discomfort that results isn’t pleasant.

Yes, at East Brainerd Oral Surgery most of our procedures are wisdom teeth removal and dental implants. However, we want your teeth to stay healthy as long as possible! With good eating habits, regular dental visits, and regular brushing and flossing, you can do your part. Following the steps above will help you save your natural teeth and avoid costly dental procedures.

If you’re experiencing wisdom tooth pain or need dental implants, please feel free to call us. We’ll be glad to schedule your consultation with one of our compassionate doctors.