How to Recover From Jaw Surgery Most Effectively

How to Recover from Jaw Surgery Most Effectively

Considering jaw surgery and wondering what the recovery will mean for you? We will look more into how to recover from jaw surgery most effectively. This is not an easy thing to go through, but you can make it smoother by following the steps below.

7 Factors That Affect How to Recover Most Effectively From Jaw Surgery

1. Take Your Medications as Instructed

Be sure to take your prescriptions for pain, antibiotics, and any other medications as instructed.

2. Manage Swelling

Keep your head elevated above your heart and don’t sleep flat. In addition, use ice or frozen peas in a towel for the first 48-72 hours. Place these for 20 minutes at a time on your face. Your face will likely also be numb from surgery. However, heat should make you feel better. You may use a warm washcloth as a compress after 72 hours.

3. Eat Appropriately After Surgery

You will be restricted for the first 10 days to a liquid diet. Examples are: milk shakes, smoothies, soups, baby food, Ensure, and protein shakes, among others. Stay away from carbonated beverages and alcohol. Days 10 to 21 can be soft food such as hamburger. This type of soft food will continue up to 3 months until your jaw muscles have gotten used to their new position. After 6 weeks foods should still be soft, but can be more normal. Fruit such as apples, and foods like pizza should not be eaten until well beyond 3 months after surgery.

4. Drink Enough Fluids

Drinking liquid can be difficult after surgery due to facial swelling and numbness. But, staying hydrated is important. Drinking 2 to 3 liters is recommended from a cup. Good sources of fluid are milk, water, or fruit juices.

5. Keep Activity Moderate

Don’t overdo it during the first week. We encourage walking. However, we discourage activities in the sun.

6. Use Elastics as Instructed

You’ll use these to train yourself to bite into the new jaw position. We’ll also give you splints that sit between the upper and lower teeth. You should wear them all the time except when eating for the first 2 weeks. You should use new ones every day.

7. Maintain Proper Hygiene

This is very important after surgery as to not get an infection. The hospital will give you a small toothbrush for brushing your teeth. This will not be easy the first week after surgery. Expect bleeding up to 2 weeks after surgery. Carefully follow the instructions you were given for brushing and rinsing your mouth, etc.

Now that you have seen a few ways to help yourself recover after jaw surgery, give East Brainerd Oral Surgery a call today at (423) 296-8210 if you want to set up an appointment. Our experienced surgeons are here to walk you through every step – before, during, and after your surgery.