What Happens if my Tooth gets Knocked Out?

What Happens if my Tooth gets Knocked Out

Life is full of activity – and sometimes those activities include physical sports. Because accidents happen, having a tooth knocked out is more common than you might think. However, if this occurs, you may ask, “What happens if my tooth gets knocked out?” Keep reading! We’ll explore how to save a tooth – and what we can do if saving it isn’t possible.

What Happens if My Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

A tooth that is knocked out is called avulsed. When an accident occurs and a tooth is knocked out, it may be saved in some cases. But, it’s important to follow these procedures.

1. When a Tooth is Knocked Out

Locate the tooth right away and handle it carefully. For that reason, don’t touch the root as you could damage it. When you lose a tooth in an injury or accident, the blood vessels, nerves and tissues will also sustain damage. Unfortunately, the blood vessels and nerves can’t be repaired. Therefore, seeing your oral surgeon right away is very important.

2. How to Handle a Tooth

If the tooth is dirty, don’t use any type of soap to clean or dry off. You can gently rinse it with milk. Keep it moist by placing the tooth back in your mouth in the socket and hold pressure. You can also store it in milk. If this happens to a child, it’s best to store the tooth with the child’s saliva. Water isn’t recommended, but can be used if needed for short time storage. Keeping it moist is what’s most important.

3. Time is of the Essence

It’s recommended to have the tooth to the oral surgeon within 30 minutes. The tooth needs to be intact, but an oral surgeon can work with it if it’s been broken. Dental implants are good option if the tooth is lost or broken.

4. When a Child Loses a Tooth

If a child loses a tooth you should follow these guidelines as though it’s a permanent tooth. Even though children eventually lose their baby teeth, an accident can cause problems. Gum damage due to carelessness can damage the permanent teeth below. This may also cause crooked teeth and eating problems because the permanent tooth can’t emerge properly.

5. Treatment

Treatment depends on the damage the tooth has sustained. A replantation may be successful if it’s done within 30 minutes and the supporting bone isn’t damaged. After that a root canal will follow. A bone graft may be needed if the bone was damaged. Bone grafting is a procedure during which bone grafting material is used to supplement the damaged bone. This can take several months to heal and be ready for dental implants. Sometimes when a serious injury has occurred neither implants nor bone grafts are an option. Therefore, the oral surgeon will clean, irrigate, and suture. In 2 or 3 months an implant may be an option. When it comes to using a temporary tooth, it can made within days for the patient.

An incident such as tooth loss is not something anyone wants to experience. However, if this should happen to you or a loved one, our skilled surgeons at East Brainerd Oral Surgery are here to help. Call us today at (423) 296-8210 for your appointment.