What if I Get an Infection After Oral Surgery?

What Happens if I get an Infection after Oral Surgery

Patients may need oral surgery for problems ranging from damaged or impacted teeth to breathing issues and facial trauma. These days nearly every oral surgery goes smoothly, as does the recovery. However, there is always a chance for infection. For that reason, you may be wondering – “What if I get an infection after oral surgery?” Let’s examine that question, and look at how to help avoid an infection.

What if I Get an Infection After Oral Surgery?

During recovery after oral surgery, certain things like swelling, bleeding and numbness are common. What you need to be aware of are the things that aren’t so common. These may include bad pain that continues even after taking pain medications and bleeding that goes on after 24 hours. Other signs of infection are increased swelling, fever, and a hard time opening your mouth.

What Can I Do to Avoid an Infection?

Oral hygiene is the most important element of keeping infection at bay after surgery. In order to be sure, carefully follow your physician’s instructions and clean your mouth after each meal. Antibiotics are also very important for a full recovery. In addition, take all of your prescriptions, as they can do their part to prevent infection. Another big part of recovery is rest. While resting, keep your head elevated to reduce the bleeding and swelling that can occur.

Our staff will provide you with a list of foods to eat and drink while in recovery. It’s important to follow these instructions so no harm or problems occur during your recovery time. However, take special care if you have diabetes or an immune system that is compromised. Patients with those conditions can tend to get infections more easily. If you show signs of infection be sure to contact your physician right away.

Oral surgery is not something a person looks forward to receiving. However, in most instances it goes smoothly. Are you considering oral surgery and need advice? Contact East Brainerd Oral Surgery today for an appointment. at (423) 296-8210. Our skilled oral surgeons will be there with you every step of the way.