Best Oral Surgery Chattanooga

best oral Surgery Chattanooga

Do you suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth? Are you missing a tooth and require an implant? How about a fracture in your jaw bones or a tooth needing surgical extraction? In any of those cases, there’s no doubt you are in need of an expert oral surgeon. Turn to us – the best Oral Surgery Chattanooga has to offer.

We’re proud of our staff of expert oral surgeons. All of our doctors are thoroughly educated and experienced in performing all these procedures with ease. They’ve spent years perfecting their craft by performing these surgeries almost exclusively, as opposed to general dentistry procedures such as fillings and root canals. This reveals their incredible dedication to oral surgery.

For the Best Oral Surgery, Chattanooga Turns to East Brainerd Oral Surgery

  • Expert diagnosticians capable of detecting and planning your treatment to the tiniest detail. Everything should go as smoothly as possible.
  • A healthy, comfortable, and fear-free environment. No need for apprehension going into or coming out of surgery.
  • Excellent post-operative healing period instructions and care. If you have any concerns during that period, don’t hesitate to come to us anytime.
  • Easy and fast booking. We know how scary it can be to wait for a surgery.
  • A dedicated after-care program. Our sole aim during that period is to check up on you to see how you’re doing – long after your surgery is finished.

So, when it is finally time for that surgery, you can’t go wrong with the best Oral Surgery Chattanooga has to offer. Let us know when is most convenient for you to schedule a consultation with one of our top surgeons.

Call East Brainerd Oral Surgery at (423) 296-8210 now or schedule an appointment online to find out more.