Cheap Dental Implants Calhoun GA

Cheap Dental Implants Calhoun, GA


If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer a lost tooth or a group of teeth, you should be looking for a replacement … and soon. And what better way to replace missing teeth than dental implants? For that reason, you may be looking for cheap dental implants Calhoun, GA patients can benefit from.

Studies have shown that dental implants are by far the most successful way to replace a missing tooth. In fact, their success rates are extremely high. How high, you ask? This high: over 95% success over the course of 10 years. Other options include dental bridges. However, their success rates only reach about 80% over 10 years. In addition, you could try dentures. But they’re only successful 30% of the time over 10 years. It seems that dental implants are the best choice.

Cheap Dental Implants Calhoun, GA Patients Choose

Best choice or not, finances are often an obstacle. Dental implants aren’t cheap, and they could take a big bite out of your savings. However, when you consider their success and the fact that you won’t spend another dime on that particular tooth for at least 10 years, you could consider it a very safe investment. So, when looking for cheap dental implants, Calhoun, GA patients choose East Brainerd Oral Surgery for our excellent surgeons and adept staff. Our success rate is high for a reason.

Implants are definitely the correct choice in most cases. And in the hands of our experts, the process also becomes incredibly easy. A relatively simple surgery to place a screw-like structure in the bone may take no more than 45 minutes. That will be followed by placing a crown (or cap) about 4 months later. And then you’re set at least for 10 years.

Think about it this way: Would you rather spend a large amount of money once and not bother about it again? Or, would you spend a little bit less, but need to revisit the situation for check-ups and repairs after a small period of time?

If you’re still on the fence, give us a call to schedule an appointment. And discover more about the cheap dental implants Calhoun, GA patients choose.