Coronavirus Update

Southern Tennessee and North Georgia Communities,

Out of a desire to reduce the burden for our referral network and hospital emergency rooms we have elected to remain open at the present time.

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.

Our primary goal will be to continue treating patients in need of immediate care, all while minimizing any unnecessary risks during this developing crisis. In addition to our normal adherence to all CDC recommendations, we are taking additional steps to ensure that we can continue to provide high quality care in a safe environment as we carefully monitor the Coronavirus outbreak.

We kindly ask that everyone please respect the following recommendations:

  1. If you have experienced any cold or flu like symptoms, we would ask that you call or text to reschedule your appointment for when you no longer have symptoms. This also applies if you have traveled out of the country or to known domestic area with a significant outbreak in the past 3 weeks. We also strongly encourage anyone with symptoms to be tested for the Coronavirus as soon as possible to prevent further spread.
  2. Until further notice, we will be restricting use of our waiting rooms in an effort to maximize social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Parents should feel free to accompany their children if needed but we will escort any patients to the vehicles and keep parents informed about treatment progress or current needs should you prefer to remain in your car.
  3. Your paperwork should be completed online and if needed you will be given a pen to sign remaining paperwork. Keep the pen.
  4. You may also notice fewer chairs and greater distance between the chairs to limit close contact between individuals.
  5. We would ask everyone entering or leaving the office to make use of the hand sanitizers provided.

For our referring providers:

If you are closing your office and would like to utilize our services for your dental emergencies, please feel free to do so. Again, our primary goal is to ensure the people of our community have access to care for their urgent dental needs without burdening the hospital emergency care system. If your office would like to utilize our services for dental emergencies please add to your voicemail, “If this is a dental emergency, please contact our on-call surgeons at East Brainerd Oral Surgery. They can be reached at (423) 296-8210.”

Please check our social media for updates as we anticipate the ongoing crisis will require additional modifications to current procedures. We have contingency plans that should allow us to provide you with continued service, especially those that require urgent or emergency care.

In addition, please reach out to our offices if there are any needs that we can address during these uncertain times. We pray for the safety of you and your loved ones as we collectively navigate this global health challenge.

ADA Interim Guidance for Management of Emergency and Urgent Dental Care

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Drs. Childress, Johnson, Stanley and staff.