Cost of Dental Implants In Ft. Oglethorpe GA

Cost of Dental Implants in Ft. Oglethorpe GA

If you have lost one tooth or a group of teeth, then you may have considered replacing them with implants.  Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth these days. And with success rates over 95% over the course of 10 years, it is hard to argue with the results. However, the cost may seem high. But we think it’s affordable, given their results and longevity. The cost of dental implants in Ft Oglethorpe GA is something our oral surgeons are more than glad to talk with you about. However, it’s true – implants are not cheap.

Here’s Your Guide to the Cost of Dental Implants In Ft Oglethorpe GA

On average, the price for one dental implant ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. The average is $2400. That’s without taking the crown into account (which can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000). In addition, this estimate doesn’t take into consideration the scans and tests needed before the procedure. Moreover, some patients need to include the cost of bone grafting to make the site suitable for an implant in the first place. Because the factors vary so much, we will consult with you to figure out exact costs.

However, you can certainly expect that implant placement may take a good amount of money. But you can consider it an investment. Studies have shown that dental implants are expected to last at least 15 years (in comparison to only 8 to 10 years for bridges, and only about 5 years for dentures). This means that while you may pay less now if you decide to get a bridge or a denture, expect to pay a similar amount (if not more) within a few years to make new ones. This is not true for implants. They last quite a bit longer, and maybe even a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

So if you are still searching for the best option for teeth replacement, and comparing the cost of dental implants in Ft Oglethorpe GA with other options, give East Brainerd Oral Surgery a call today to schedule your consultation.