Dental Implants Chattanooga

Dental Implants Chattanooga


Are you looking into dental implants to see how they could help you? For dental implants Chattanooga goes straight to East Brainerd Oral Surgery. During your consultation, you’ll meet the oral surgery team that will be walking you through the entire dental implant process. They have the knowledge and skill to answer any of your questions as you find out more about dental implants.

For Dental Implants Chattanooga Trusts Our Team

Did you know that life-changing dental implants are more common than you might think? That’s largely because dental implants are the closest substitutes for your original teeth. They allow you to live in the same way as if you had normal healthy teeth. Once the titanium implant is anchored, it bonds with your actual jaw bone. Simply clean them with care like you would your teeth.

It’s common for dental implant patients to experience the same benefits from their implants. The implants help strengthen the bone as they bond with it. In addition, the implants are matched to look like your regular teeth. There’s also no slippage, like with dentures. In fact, you won’t have diet restriction due to the implants, like with other teeth prosthetics. Most dental implants last for a lifetime.

East Brainerd Oral Surgery is where experience and expertise meet customer care. With our state of the art, cutting-edge surgery facility, we’re able to focus on providing each patient with the best experience possible. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident through the whole process.

Some patients are afraid to even consider dental implants as an option. In many cases, they think it is a major surgery that needs a lot of recovery time and rehabilitation. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

What You Can Expect

In the hands of experienced surgeons, like our practiced team at East Brainerd Oral Surgery, the dental implants Chattanooga patients need are more accessible than ever. Yes, implant surgery is true surgery. However, it may require as few as two days of rest afterwards as you heal. Of course, proper oral hygiene is needed. But there’s generally no need to adjust your lifestyle or to restrict your diet, since the implants are placed deep in the bone and closed into your gums with sutures. As a result they, as well as your bones, are in no danger.

The entire process can take between 15 and 45 minutes. In addition, if you’re able to undergo it under local anesthesia, you may even be able to drive yourself home afterwards. With simple post-operative instructions, you can expect a smooth recovery process.

So, have you lost a tooth or a group of teeth? Are you looking for a replacement? You’d be wise to make dental implants your number one choice since they hold distinct advantages over other options such as bridges or dentures. In addition, they also have significantly longer lifespans. Think at least 15 years and maybe more with proper care, compared to 8 to 10 years for bridges and less than 5 years for dentures.

So, call us to schedule your appointment for a consultation about the dental implants Chattanooga patients can benefit from.



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