Dental Implants in Cleveland, TN

Dental Implants Cleveland TN


Dental Implants have been by far the most successful way to replace missing teeth over the last 15 years. And who better to trust with placing your implants than the oral surgeon for dental implants Cleveland TN trusts: East Brainerd Oral Surgery.

Dental implants have been around for over 20 years. However, with advancements in the technology behind their creation and design, they have become the go-to solution if you seek to replace a missing tooth.

A Tooth Could Be Lost as a Result Of:

  • Decay leading to breakdown of the tooth.
  • Severe gum disease leading to bone loss, looseness of the tooth, and eventually its extraction.
  • Trauma and loss of a large part of the tooth or bone, rendering it un-restorable and needing removal.

If you need dental implants in Cleveland, TN, trust East Brainerd Oral Surgery’s outstanding oral surgeons.

Dental implant surgery demands more skill than many other procedures. Your oral surgeon needs to be highly accomplished. Our doctors have decades of experience and a track record of successful results. They are known throughout the region for their skill and excellence.

Why Dental Implants are the Best Option:

  • Success rates of over 97% as proven scientifically.
  • Long life span of at least 15 years, and even more so with proper care and maintenance (compared to 8 years for bridges and less than 5 years for dentures).
  • No harm done to the neighboring teeth (unlike bridges which require preparation and shaving of the teeth next to the empty space, and dentures whose fittings put pressure on the gums around the remaining teeth).
  • Very minor surgery with a brief healing period
  • The most natural-looking crowns of all options.

To find out more, consult with one of our doctors at East Brainerd Oral Surgery soon. Give yourself a new smile with dental implants near Cleveland, TN.

Why Choose Us for Dental Implants In Cleveland TN

After your procedure, you’ll want to go home to rest. Our office is convenient to I-75, located in East Brainerd – minutes away from Cleveland, TN. Familiar and new patients alike find our superior office staff to be personal, well-trained, and eager to help.

Dental implants in Cleveland, TN are more reliable than ever. Modern implant technology makes your implants durable, attractive, and comfortable.

Your dental implants will be discreet. Those you encounter will notice your bright smile without ever guessing that you have implants. Modern implants are permanent, natural-feeling, and beautiful. Improve your self-esteem and brighten up your smile with dental implants that feel good and look better.

So, if you seek to replace a missing tooth, don’t wait. Get the dental implants Cleveland TN patients have benefitted from.

Get Dental Implants at East Brainerd Oral Surgery

For more information or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (423) 296-8210. Or, schedule your consultation online. You’ll be able to meet one of our outstanding doctors soon. At East Brainerd Oral Surgery, new dental implants are waiting for you.