Dental Implants Fort Oglethorpe GA

Dental Implants Fort Oglethorpe GA


If you have a missing tooth or group of teeth, then you should definitely be looking for a replacement so that you can eat, chew and speak naturally. In addition, you want to restore your looks and smile. Dental implants are definitely the best way to replace missing teeth. With our dental implants Fort Oglethorpe, GA specialists guarantee the highest success rates. Get the most you can out of your investment.

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There are generally 3 ways to replace missing teeth:

1. Dentures

These are very easy to make and cause low risk to the teeth. However, they can be highly uncomfortable and have a lifespan of only about 5 years before they need to be changed or repaired.

2. Dental Bridges

Bridges are a very successful way to replace missing teeth that has been around forever. They involve placing two or more crowns joined together to span the empty gap left by the missing tooth. However, they also require filing of the two teeth on which the bridge will be placed. Therefore, they can cause significant risk to these teeth. Add to that the fact that they only last about 10 years before problems start to appear, and you may have a good reason to opt for implants.

3. Implants

Success rates of dental implants reach over 95%. And their lifespan extends well beyond 15 years. In addition, they are fixed, not movable (unlike dentures), so they are extremely comfortable. They also avoid damaging the neighboring teeth (unlike bridges). You can probably see why implants are definitely the number one choice for teeth replacement in almost every situation.



So, if you are seeking a replacement for your missing tooth, and happen to be in GA, look no further than our expert oral surgeons for dental implants Fort Oglethorpe, GA can rely on. Call us now to schedule your appointment!