The Experienced Oral Surgeon Hixson, TN Trusts

Oral Surgeon Hixson TN

Do you suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth? Or, do you have a problem with your jaw or are in need of corrective jaw surgery? As part of your orthodontic health, you have a big job ahead of you – to find a great oral surgeon. You need an experienced oral surgeon Hixson, TN patients like yourself have trusted.

Every surgeon is skilled. However, it takes a special level of dedication and excellence to become an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon combines the talents of a dentist as well as a plastic surgeon. In addition, they’re the only ones who can perform extremely delicate procedures such as jaw surgeries.

East Brainerd Oral Surgery is the home of the experienced oral surgeon Hixson, TN patients trust to put them at ease. You don’t need much experience with oral surgery to know one thing. And that’s this: patients often feel uneasy when starting the oral surgery process. For that reason, the team in our Hixson office works hard to give you a positive experience. Ideally, your first step into our office will be a confident one.

The Experienced Oral Surgeon Hixson, TN Needs

Our three veteran oral surgeons combine for over 65 years of experience in treating oral and maxillofacial issues. We’ve treated thousands of patients. That means you benefit from our history of many successful wisdom tooth removal surgeries, dental implants, facial trauma repair, jaw corrections, and more.

We’re comfortable performing these procedures time after time. However, we know that your experience as a patient is what matters most. You should feel relaxed and welcome when you visit us. You’ll find a solution to pain or renewed ability to eat.

Even though we’re skilled, patient experience is what sets us apart. It makes us the oral surgeon Hixson needs to provide quality care. For instance, we clearly and compassionately explain each step. Then, after your procedure, that same experienced surgeon will follow up with you to make sure your healing is right on track.

Where Can I Find the Experienced Oral Surgeon Hixson, TN Trusts?

For all oral surgery procedures – simple or complex – residents of Hixson, TN always trust East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Our veteran team has a combined experience of over 65 years. We’ve also been known to give patients excellent results that meet with great success and satisfaction.

Not only that, but our surgeons have chosen to focus. That means we don’t offer general dental procedures such as fillings and root canals. However, we’ve focused all our work and experience on oral surgical procedures. For that reason, you can be confident in your treatment with us.

But we have much more to offer than just surgical skills. Our patient experience matters most of all, and we try to make sure your visit goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. You’ll find a cozy environment and comforting work space. In addition, you’ll meet with understanding staff who know how much better these procedures can be with a little kindness. We’ll and try to ease your experience as much as we can.

The experienced oral surgeon Hixson, TN trusts is just around the corner at East Brainerd Oral Surgery.

Your wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant may be our 10,000th. However, we know it’s your first. In addition, how you feel matters. For that reason, we encourage you to call our Hixson office at (423) 296-8210. We’ll help you schedule your first consultation. You can also read testimonials on our home page to see why we’re the experienced oral surgeon Hixson, TN needs for compassionate care.