Faith and Practice

Faith and Oral Surgery Practice

Faith in God is part of the foundation of East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Because we believe in the inherent value of each person, we’re dedicated to caring for our patients with honor, respect, and dignity. From the simplest wisdom tooth removal to the most complex jaw restructuring, we provide you the same level of care we’d want to receive ourselves.

That care begins as early as the consultation. And, each morning, we gather as a staff to pray for the day’s patients. We ask God to guide the doctors’ hands, give them wisdom, and provide quick healing for each person who walks through our doors.

Because we’ve been blessed by God, we want to bless others: patients, friends, family, and even people we’ve never met.

Honduras Trip 2019

In addition to serving you, two of our doctors travel to Honduras with ChristWay Community Church each year to provide free oral health care to people there who suffer from various conditions. In 2019, the trip takes place the last of February. Please pray for us as we seek to bring Jesus’ love to those in need.