Impacted Wisdom Teeth Calhoun GA

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Calhoun, GA


Having your tooth pulled is no picnic. And when the situation involves impacted wisdom teeth, Calhoun, GA patients are right to have some concerns. However, our expert team is here to give you the confidence to go ahead with this necessary surgery. In addition, we’ll make the surgery go as smoothly as possible.

For Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Calhoun, GA Patients Choose Us

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear in the mouth. They’re also the only ones that start to emerge after 18 years of age. However, our bones stop growing long before then. As a result, these teeth often find no place to appear inside the fully-grown mouth and become either fully or partially buried (or impacted) inside the jaw bones. In that case, the only way they can come out is through oral surgery.

However, you have no need for alarm. Wisdom teeth removal surgeries are among the most commonly performed surgeries on the planet. In fact, clinics all over the world perform them every day. In the hands of our experts, the impacted wisdom teeth Calhoun, GA patients experience find their solution. You can expect the surgery to go as easily and painlessly as possible. In addition, you should experience minimal recovery time. Our surgeons have been exceptionally trained in the art and science of oral surgery. Impacted wisdom teeth surgery is also one procedure they are most skilled at.

Here’s How Most Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgeries Work

1. The surgeon administers some local anesthetic, numbing the area against pain and other sensations.

2. Exposing the buried tooth is the next step. The surgeon uses a scalpel to make a small cut in the gums, pulling them away from the tooth. In some cases, bone may be covering part of the tooth or all of it. If we encounter that, we use a tiny drill to remove that covering bone and fully reveal the tooth.

3. We also separate the tooth into multiple pieces. This allows us to easily remove these small pieces without risk of injury to the surrounding structures. In some cases, this step is not necessary because the tooth is favorably situated.

4. After the tooth is completely removed, we smooth out the bone’s surface to facilitate healing. In addition, we debride the open wound, cleaning and thoroughly rinsing it with warm saline. This removes all debris, remnants, and bacteria from the wound, so that wound healing may proceed without infection.

5. The final step is to close the wound with stitches. In some cases, these are removed about a week later. However, in most cases, the stitches dissolve on their own, since we often use dissolvable thread.

What Comes After Surgery for Impacted Wisdom Teeth Calhoun, GA Patients?

1. Expect some pain. We may prescribe a pain-reducing medication. However, you’ll switch to over-the-counter pain medications a few days after surgery as the wound heals.

2. Swelling is also very common and is mostly a result of fluid being trapped under the gums. This is normal in all surgeries and you can easily address it with anti-inflammatory medications in addition to cold compresses.

3. Numbness from the local anesthetic could last between a few hours and a day or so. It needs no treatment as it subsides on its own.

Still have questions? Give us a call or schedule an appointment for some one-on-one time with one of our surgeons. We’ll be happy to make sure all your questions are answered.