Impacted Wisdom Teeth Chattanooga TN

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Chattanooga TN

An impacted wisdom tooth is one of the most common dental problems that patients experience. And no tooth is more commonly impacted than the third molar—also known as the wisdom tooth. For that reason, you need professional help to solve this problem. However, help is near you. For impacted wisdom teeth Chattanooga TN turns to a specialist from East Brainerd Oral Surgery.

When the jaw is too small to accommodate large teeth, they have nowhere to go. In that case, wisdom teeth can become buried inside the jaw, or impacted. In addition, the wisdom tooth is the last tooth to emerge in the mouth. This normally takes place around 20 to 25 years of age. For that reason, it often finds no place to emerge—and therefore remains buried in the bone.

This impacted wisdom tooth could cause a variety of complications.

Complications From Impacted Wisdom Teeth Chattanooga TN Patients Experience

• Pain in the jaw bones as a result of pressure from the buried tooth.
• Food impaction in the area of the tooth, which could lead to gum inflammation.
• Pericoronitis, which is the inflammation of the gums covering the buried tooth.
• When left untreated, an impacted wisdom tooth could cause periodontal problems.
• In addition, an impacted tooth could cause decay in the neighboring tooth (the second molar).
• Numbness of the entire side of the face—especially if the impacted tooth is situated near the nerve canal which runs along the lower jaw.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Chattanooga, TN

There’s a lot of talk about wisdom teeth surgeries – and sometimes it makes them sound more complicated than they are. Also, many people will endure pain, swelling and even limitation of their jaw opening to avoid a dental visit. However, you have every reason to see a surgeon and have that tooth removed. No need to fear the surgery – complications are rare when we remove wisdom teeth properly.

We at East Brainerd Oral Surgery are here to tell you: don’t be afraid. The surgery can be a lot simpler than many people believe. In fact, in most cases it takes less time than you think.

Here’s How the Surgery May Proceed:

  • We numb the area of the surgery with local anesthesia. The anesthesia should eliminate any sensation of pain. However, you should expect a bit of pressure and will be able to hear what’s going on. More complicated removals will take place under general anesthesia. Our staff will tell you what to expect so you can plan for a ride home in that case.
  • We gain access to the tooth by opening a small cut in the gums. Then, we use a drill to remove any bone that overlies the buried tooth.
  • Next, we segment the tooth into a few pieces, removing each separately and with great care. This segmentation makes the tooth removal very easy.
  • We clean and wash the wound with saline, and close it with a few stitches. We’ll remove about a week later.
  • At the completion of surgery, you’ll expect a bit of swelling – which is normal with any surgery. In addition, expect pain as the wound heals. We may prescribe pain medication or direct you to an over-the-counter solution, depending on your case.

Impacted wisdom teeth Chattanooga, TN surgeries at EBOS are quite simple. In addition, you cannot afford to wait, or you’ll risk the aforementioned complications.

As you can see, impacted wisdom teeth cannot be taken lightly. Don’t wait—schedule an appointment for a consultation with an impacted wisdom teeth Chattanooga TN specialist today.