Impacted Wisdom Teeth Dalton GA

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Dalton GA


Having an impacted tooth (in other words, teeth buried in the bone) is one of the most difficult situations you have to face as a dental patient. Seeking to relieve the pain and discomfort of this situation? Look no further than East Brainerd Oral Surgery. For impacted wisdom teeth, Dalton, GA trusts us.

Impacted teeth are a very common problem. As a matter of fact, almost 80% of the world’s population faces this condition at some point. Regardless of how fast the growing pace of the whole body is, the jaws usually lag behind. As a result, the final tooth in the jaw (the wisdom tooth) has no place to appear in the mouth. Therefore, it can remain buried in the bone beneath the gums.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Dalton, GA

The question that may come to your mind is: “why the scare? What’s the worst thing that could happen if I just leave that tooth buried without trying to remove it?”

Here are some problems that you may have, as experienced by some of our impacted wisdom teeth Dalton, GA patients:

1. Pain and Swelling

These usually go hand in hand when it comes to wisdom teeth. If the tooth is mal-aligned (meaning it is tilted forwards or backwards rather than upright), this creates a space. That gap invites bacteria and food particles. In addition, it’s almost impossible to clean properly. This results in inflammation of the gums in that area (known as pericoronitis). Pericoronitis is quite painful, and is usually accompanied by swelling that could cause your entire jaw to lock up.

2. Decay

The buried tooth itself may become decayed since it is difficult to clean. However, the bigger problem happens when it causes decay of the teeth beside it. Unlike the wisdom tooth, which could be removed without consequences, other teeth are effective in the chewing process.  For that reason, their removal may lead to problems in chewing and speech.

3. Teeth Crowding

What if your teeth were originally perfectly aligned and, all of a sudden, they start to change position? This ultimately affects your beautiful smile, and it may well be because of impacted wisdom teeth. Dalton, GA teenage patients often complain of this situation. This is also right when the wisdom teeth start to appear – 17 or 18 years old. The solution is very simple: remove the impacted tooth, and the teeth usually go back to their original position.

An impacted wisdom tooth could have a great influence on your oral health as well as your smile. So don’t wait, and schedule your consultation with us now.

For Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Dalton, GA Oral Surgeons Follow These Steps

  • We make a small cut in the gums to expose the bone and the tooth underneath it
  • Then we use a drill to remove all or part of the bone that covers the tooth, making way for the surgeon to access and remove the tooth.
  • We then segment the tooth into 2 or more parts, and remove each part separately
  • Next, we clean the wound and remove all the debris, and smooth out any sharp bony projections
  • Finally, we use stitches to close the cut in the gums – the stitches usually dissolve about a week later

Expect some pain and swelling as you recover from surgery. But nothing like the pain that would follow if you didn’t address the problem.



Don’t let your impacted wisdom teeth bother you any longer. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with the oral surgeons for impacted wisdom teeth Dalton, GA trusts.