Impacted Wisdom Teeth Fort Oglethorpe

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Fort Oglethorpe

If you suffer from pain towards the back of your mouth, or repeated inflammation of the gums in that area, then you may be experiencing an impacted wisdom tooth. There are also a few problems that are not so common. However, common or not, they’re still a potential risk. So, be on the lookout for any of these less-common symptoms as reported by our impacted wisdom teeth Fort Oglethorpe patients.

These symptoms are the most common for people with buried wisdom teeth. These molars become buried because they don’t find enough space to properly erupt. As a result, they can end up either not appearing at all (meaning fully impacted in the bone) or erupting in the wrong direction (meaning partially impacted in the bone).

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Fort Oglethorpe Patients Experience

1. Repeated Ulcers

As a result of the wrong position and direction of the buried tooth, it may start to injure the tongue and the insides of your cheek. That injury can cause you to experience ulcers in the region.

2. Jaw Pain

When the buried tooth is left without treatment for a long time, repeated inflammation and infection may reach the jaw joint. If that occurs, it may result in substantial pain.

3. Limitation of Mouth Opening

Also due to repeated infection and inflammation, the muscles that open the mouth may tense up. That can prohibit their full range of motion. In some cases, even complete lockjaw could be the end result.

So, if you start feeling any of these symptoms, come and see us right away! East Brainerd Oral Surgery is the specialist in impacted wisdom teeth Fort Oglethorpe patients rely on.