Jaw Surgery Calhoun, GA

Our jaws are very intricate structures. They are composed of two major bones – the mandible (AKA the lower jaw) and the skull which contains the upper jaw and teeth. They are joined together through a variety of delicate connections, all aimed at the smooth movement of the mouth during eating and speech. But what if a problem were to happen within that delicate system? Then your eating and speech – not to mention appearance – would be seriously compromised. To correct a jaw problem, you may need an intervention from our specialists in jaw surgery Calhoun, GA patients rate highly.

Specialists In Jaw Surgery Calhoun, GA Patients Trust

  • Trauma Repair

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer a knock or blow to your jaw resulting in a crack or fracture of the bone, our surgeons can set it right.

  • Orthognathic Surgery

    When you have one jaw bigger than the other, braces are not always the answer. Sometimes you need the intervention of an experienced jaw surgeon. We can help you achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of.

  • Jaw Dislocation

    Ever seen someone open their mouth so wide that they were unable to shut it afterwards? That may be because the lower jaw got dislocated from its socket. In case of a dislocated jaw, you need the gentle and experienced hands of our surgeons to set it back into position.

  • Open Bite

    Many of our children suck their thumb or fingers when they are babies. That is completely normal up to a certain age. However, if they don’t stop the habit at the correct age, it could lead to serious problems of the jaws and teeth. The most common problem is an open bite (where the back teeth close together while the front ones do not). It can sometimes be corrected by braces alone. However, in some cases, the intervention of a jaw surgeon is needed.

  • Cleft Palate and Lip

    While cleft palate and lips are not strictly jaw problems, not correcting them properly could have an adverse effect on the jaws and their growth. A cleft lip is a congenital defect (meaning you are probably born with it). It’s a condition where the bones of the palate (that is the roof of your mouth) are not fused together. For that reason, you may have a gap in the roof of your mouth that leads into your nose. Correction of cleft palates is essential to ensure complete growth of the upper jaw.

Now, we’ve discussed what types of surgeries we perform in our offices. Next, let’s find out more about the symptoms after jaw surgery Calhoun, GA patients may experience. These can include:

1. Swelling

Swelling is a side effect of every surgery. When the body heals, it releases all the chemicals responsible for inflammation. Therefore, swelling develops at the site of the surgery. Most patients can easily control swelling with anti-inflammatory medications, as well as cold compresses as prescribed.

2. Pain

Again, as with any surgery, some pain is expected. Jaw surgeries are often significant, and hospitalization may even follow some for a day or two. Your surgeon will likely prescribe medication to manage your post-surgery pain.

3. Limitation of Jaw Movement

While the bones of the jaw heal, you should expect a very limited range of motion. This isn’t only caused by the pain, but it is also a care technique. Limiting movement can help you to make sure the bones heal in their proper positions without deviation.

For all procedures related to jaw surgery Calhoun, GA patients trust EBOS.

These are a few simple examples of the kinds of jaw surgery Calhoun, GA patients trust us to perform well. Don’t wait – call to schedule your consultation now.