Jaw Surgery Chattanooga

Jaw Surgery Chattanooga


There is no doubt that any surgery is a burden. However, for jaw surgery, Chattanooga patients find relief at East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Our goal is to bless you with a safe procedure – and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Many people complain of problems or pain in their jaw. However, most jaw problems present with minimal signs and symptoms. (For instance, low grade pain or a popping sound every now and then). As a result, people tend to disregard symptoms in hopes that the problem will resolve on its own.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Jaw problems may be rare – but when they occur, they require immediate intervention from specialists or risk the problem becoming much worse over time. What begins as minor pain could very well end up as complete jaw lock. We’ve seen patients with pain so severe that it interferes with eating as well as speech. Jaw issues have the potential to seriously impact your lifestyle.

For Jaw Surgery, Chattanooga Patients Turn to Us to Relieve:

  • Pain in the jaw joint
    Some people think that our jaws are only bone, and therefore incapable of feeling pain. However, that is not the case. The human jaw is a very delicate mechanism composed of bones, cartilage, ligaments and a great number of nerves. Not only that, but these nerves are also connected to virtually every other nerve in the face. For that reason, jaw problems may present as pain in the ears, temples, or even the teeth.
  • Limitation of mouth opening
    A number of muscles are responsible for mouth opening, closing and general movement of the jaw. One of the most common jaw problems is when these muscles get inflamed. The result is that you may be unable to move your jaw to its full extent. This may seem small. However, if you let it go, this inflammation could permanently damage the muscle tissue.
  • Clicking or crunching sounds during opening and closing
    One of the most common problems that jaw surgery Chattanooga experts report is clicking and popping in the jaw joints. This can occur when the cartilage that’s normally positioned between the jawbone and the skull is moved from its place. That movement may happen as a result of trauma or inflammation. In most cases, this is the prequel to all other jaw problems. For that reason, if you hear a strange sound, report it to a surgeon immediately.
  • Severely crowded teeth or mismatch between the sizes of the upper and lower jaws, where braces can’t treat the problem on their own
    Jaw surgeries are not all about pain. In fact, they may be correctional in nature. People who suffer from an abnormally large upper jaw or lower jaw have 2 options. One is braces, which may not be the answer for severely mismatched jaws. The second is surgery to correct that huge difference in size.

Get it Treated Right Away

Jaw surgeries are quite tricky. Not only do they require exceptional skill, but they take quite some time for recovery on part of the patient. Expect to be restricted to a soft diet for at least a couple of weeks, with limitations in mouth opening and speech. However, the resulting freedom you experience will all be worth it.



So, do you have jaw pain or other symptoms? It’s time for a consultation. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online. For jaw surgery, Chattanooga patients trust our experience.