Oral Surgeon Calhoun GA

Oral Surgeon Calhoun GA


All surgeons are artists. However, an oral surgeon is a different kind of artist. If you suffer from a buried tooth, a badly broken down root, or even swelling of unknown source, it’s time to turn to the expert Oral Surgeon Calhoun, GA trusts. And that’s East Brainerd Oral Surgery.

An oral surgeon is trained to deal with all kinds of surgical problems that could happen in or around the mouth. In addition, it takes special skill and incredible attention to detail to be able to pull off some of these amazing surgeries.

Procedures Performed by the Oral Surgeon Calhoun, GA Trusts:

  • Repair of upper jaw or facial fractures
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Extraction of impacted and buried teeth
  • Biopsies of suspicious growths in the mouth
  • Extraction of difficult teeth that could not be performed by a general practitioner, such as teeth with malformed roots or badly broken-down remaining roots
  • Cuts and other mouth injuries resulting from an accident or fight

Simply put, an oral surgeon is a highly skilled, specially trained dentist. However, we don’t practice other forms of dentistry such as fillings and root canals. As a result, we’re able to dedicate all our time and knowledge to helping patients with specialized treatments.

Let’s look at these procedures more in depth.

Repair of jaw or facial fractures:

If you’ve been unlucky and have suffered an accident leading to a broken jaw, we can help. Our experienced surgeons have been trained thoroughly in emergency care. For that reason, we’re more than capable of fixing your jaw fractures and restoring you to health.

Placement of dental implants:

Dental implants are without a doubt the greatest advancement in dentistry in modern years. They are the most successful way to replace teeth that you lose to decay, gum disease or trauma. In addition, they’re permanent, and could last to a minimum of 15 years with proper care. For that reason, a dental implant is one of the best long-term investments you can make.

Extraction of impacted and buried teeth:

Almost 80% of the world’s population suffer from impacted or buried teeth. Wisdom teeth are especially at risk since they more often than not find no place to appear after your jaw reaches its full size. Our amazing surgeons perform impacted teeth removal procedures on a daily basis. This makes them the best choice for all your surgical needs.

Biopsies of suspicious growths in the mouth:

Lesions of the mouth are rare. However, when they do appear, it takes an experienced eye to take a proper sample and diagnose it correctly. There is no one better than our staff.

Cuts and injuries resulting from accidents or fights:

Controlling bleeding is the first step in any emergency situation. If you have an accident that causes your gums to bleed, call us right away.

If ever in need of an experienced surgeon, Calhoun, GA trusts EBOS. Call us now to schedule your consultation.



Our oral surgeons have decades of experience. They’ve seen injuries of all kinds. They’ve performed thousands of dental implants and wisdom tooth removals. And they’re ready and willing to help you find optimal oral health.

Don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with East Brainerd Oral Surgery, the expert Oral Surgeon Calhoun, GA trusts. Call (423) 296-8210 or make an appointment online today!