Oral Surgeon In Hixson TN

Looking for a good oral surgeon in Hixson TN? Even though visiting your dentist is an important part of taking good care of your mouth, sometimes you need more help. That’s what happens when there’s an issue that your general dentist is unable to help you with. So, at East Brainerd Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons step in. We help with cases that require advanced surgical care. From wisdom teeth removal to reconstructive jaw surgery, trust our experience.

Experienced Oral Surgeon In Hixson TN

When your dentist refers you to us as your oral surgeon in Hixson TN, it’s because our surgeons are more experienced in the type of procedure you need. Our staff has spent years focusing solely on surgeries of the mouth, jaw, and face. In the many procedures we have accomplished over the years, we have learned how to handle any complications that may arise.

For example, you may be in pain from wisdom teeth or facial trauma. Or, perhaps you need dental implants or bone grafting. No matter the case, we’ll help you understand each step along to the way as you get back to your normal self. Throughout the process, from pre-op, to procedure, to post-op, we’ll certainly take care of your specific needs.

With any procedure that you’re facing, your health is the main concern. However, we believe that you should also feel comfortable and confident throughout the surgery process. No matter what procedure you need for better health, we will treat you as a whole person.

Read what Melissa B. thought about the comprehensive care we provided:

“By far one of the best medical offices I’ve ever been in. From the treatment of my husband before, during and after surgery. The doctor called to check on him a few hours after getting home and we received follow up calls/texts the following day.”

The staff here at your oral surgeon in Hixson TN knows exactly what you need. We’ve combined to help patients take charge of their oral health for over 65 years. That’s why dentists in the area are so comfortable referring their patients to us. Whether you’re in need of reconstructive jaw surgery, dental implants, or wisdom tooth removal, we want to use our experience to help you. You can feel more relaxed, confident, and comfortable.

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Your comfort is important to you, and we want to serve you by helping you improve your quality of life. Take comfort knowing that the full strength of our expertise is used for your care. Call us today at (423) 296-8210 or make an appointment online to schedule your first consultation. Let us be your trusted oral surgeon.