Oral Surgeon Near Me in Hixson TN

Oral Surgeon Near Me in Hixson TN


You may be looking for an “oral surgeon near me in Hixson, TN”, but what else does your search include? You’re looking for more than just a surgical procedure. So, you need a team of oral surgeons that understand how to provide a reassuring experience. One that boosts your confidence and comfort. You’ll find that at At East Brainerd Oral Surgery. We take care of the whole you.

Oral Surgeons in Hixson, TN

Here, surgical skills meet mental and emotional considerations. For your wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, oral pathology, or facial reconstruction, you can rely on our combined 65+ years of practiced skill. No matter what procedure we’re walking you through, our team focuses on making sure you’re relaxed, comfortable, informed, and confident.

You’ll find the most advanced and helpful technologies at our state-of-the-art facility. Every part of our facility and resources goes toward providing better care and treatment for our patients.

We’ve helped over 10,000 patients find healing. For that reason, there isn’t a complication that we haven’t addressed during surgery. However, even with so much experience, our surgeons still consider themselves students of their craft. Whether you need a complicated bone graft, or a more common dental implant, we walk you through the whole process with intentionality and precision.

Do you have a buried wisdom tooth? Or, have you had an accident and broken off part of your tooth or even the bone? If so, then you may have been looking online for an “oral surgeon near me in Hixson, TN” – and we’re glad that your search has led you here. Our oral surgery department offers the most experienced experts in the field. Because our surgeons have over 60 years of experience, you’ve definitely made the right choice.

The Best Oral Surgeons Near Me In Hixson, TN Can Offer:

  • The most relaxing environment, designed specifically to alleviate your fear and anxiety as we all know how dreaded the visit to the dentist – not to mention the oral surgeon – is.
  • The easiest and most pain-free experience, whether you need your tooth removed or your bone repaired or otherwise.
  • The shortest possible time of operation, thanks to our experienced hands that can do every surgical procedure you can think of in the shortest amount of time.
  • The shortest post-surgical healing period, and minimal chances of complications thanks to our flawless technique.
  • Scheduling unlimited number of post-surgical visits, just to check how your healing is going.
  • The longest possible lifespan for your dental implants. We guarantee at least 15 years of life and quite possibly a lot more with regular check-ups.



So whether you are looking to replace a missing tooth with implants, or seek to remove your impacted wisdom tooth, and you wanted to know if there is “an oral surgeon near me in Hixson, TN” look no further than our expert department. Start your search for an oral surgeon near me in Hixson, TN, by calling East Brainerd Oral Surgery at (423) 296-8210. We’re ready to take care of you … the whole you.