Oral Surgery Chattanooga TN

Oral Surgery Chattanooga TN

An oral surgeon is one of the highest trained specialists in the dental field. It takes years of study, practice and dedication to achieve greatness in that particular specialty. For that reason, we’re proud of our specialists at East Brainerd Oral Surgery Chattanooga, TN.

An oral surgeon can do a wide variety of procedures. In addition, all of them are highly sophisticated. This work requires an incredibly keen eye and amazing attention to detail.

Some Types of Oral Surgery Chattanooga, TN Patients See Us For

1. Jaw Surgeries

Whether you’ve suffered a trauma leading to fracture of the jaw bones, or you need surgical correction of your bones for orthodontic reasons, our surgeons can handle that with ease and with minimal complications.

2. Implants

Getting a dental implant is a big step. It’s also quite the investment. For that reason, you’d better be sure about who you trust with this delicate procedure. Who better than our oral surgeons in Chattanooga.

3. Pathology testing and removal

Tumors and Cysts in the jaw bones are quite rare. However, when they do occur, you need an expert eye to check them out and possibly remove them if required. Rest assured that our specialists are highly trained. They’ll do their best to take care of this sensitive matter.

4. Teeth Extraction

While any general dentist can do simple extractions, surgical extractions are a different matter. These need highly skilled and trained hands that can do the procedure in the least amount of time. In addition, they need to ensure the least damage to the surrounding tissues. This gives your body a chance to heal properly.

If you are looking for expert surgeons, look no further than East Brainerd Oral Surgery Chattanooga, TN. Call us at (423) 296-8210 now or schedule an appointment online to find out more.