Oral Surgery Cleveland TN

Oral Surgery Cleveland TN


Oral surgery is a highly specialized branch of dentistry. However, although all oral surgeons have graduated from a dental school, they don’t perform much general dental work like fillings and root canals. That’s because they focus more on their specialty – surgery. Our experts at East Brainerd Oral Surgery are no different. They provide the oral surgery Cleveland TN patients need.

Our surgeons have dedicated their lives to their profession. For that reason, they constantly increase their knowledge and training. This dedication makes them the perfect solution to all your oral surgery-related problems.

Some Examples of Oral Surgery Cleveland TN Patients Benefit From

  • Dental Implants
    Considered to be the most successful way to replace missing teeth. In the hands of our team, you can rest assured that the process will go as smoothly as expected.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
    Most people in their late teen years and early twenties eventually complain of wisdom teeth pain. After all, these molars are the last to appear in the mouth. For that reason, more often than not they can’t find space to emerge normally. Therefore, they become partially or completely buried in the bone. That’s what causes pain, and it means they need to be removed soon. Our oral surgeons are your solution for a successful extraction.
  • Pathology Removal
    If you’re unfortunate enough to get a tumor or any other form of oral pathology in your mouth or jaw, then you know that you can’t wait around. If you wait, you risk severe complications. Head to us for an oral surgery consultation. We’ll test, analyze the issue, and take proper surgical steps.
  • Trauma Management
    When you suffer a blow to your jaw, it could possibly result in a fracture. Even though it might be a hairline fracture that you wouldn’t notice because of the way your jaw muscles are situated, it is best to let one of our team check you out. We are trained to spot even the tiniest problem that could require immediate care.

In Addition, We Perform:

  • Jaw Surgeries
    Jaw surgeries include a large number of procedures, such as broken jaw repairs, dislocated jaw treatment. In addition, you may need corrective jaw surgery if the sizes of your upper and lower jaws don’t match. Jaw surgeries are some of the most delicate procedures an oral surgeon can do. It takes years of training and incredible skill to be able to treat all the structures of the human jaw. It’s a complex system that includes not only bones, but also muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels.
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction
    Most simple extraction cases can be done by general dentists. However, when decay or fracture has destroyed a large part of your tooth, leaving only a small shell or root behind, then you probably need an expert oral surgeon.
  • Facial Reconstruction Surgeries
    After major accidents, a number of surgeons may work together to properly reconstruct all the damaged structures of the face. Only an oral surgeon knows the way your teeth should occlude and meet each other when you close your mouth. For that reason, an oral surgeon is at the heart of that team. Without them, the trauma victim could end up with more problems than they started with.

For oral surgery Cleveland TN trusts our experts. Patients know that we are highly trained to perform all of the above-mentioned procedures with ease. In addition, we work for your comfort, making this daunting experience much easier in any way possible. Give us a call at East Brainerd Oral Surgery to schedule your consultation.

So, what are you waiting for? For oral surgery Cleveland TN patients turn to East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment today.