Oral Surgery Red Bank TN

Oral Surgery Red Bank TN


If you have a problem related to your teeth or jaws that requires surgery, you shouldn’t simply go to any oral surgeon. Oral surgery is a very difficult specialty. It requires years of studying and practice to be able to perform proper surgical procedures as well as proper after-surgery care. For those reasons, we’re proud to offer the oral surgery Red Bank, TN patients need.

Our incredible team is purely dedicated to oral surgery excellence. We’ve steered away from general dentistry procedures as fillings and root canals. Instead, we’ve focused our studies and practice on procedures such as dental implants, surgical extractions, wisdom teeth removal surgeries, trauma and emergency care, tumor and pathology analysis and removal, and many more. That’s why, for oral surgery, Red Bank TN patients turn to us.

Offering Oral Surgery Red Bank, TN Patients Need

  • Three highly specialized surgeons. Each is capable of performing the most intricate surgeries of the jaw and teeth.
  • Trained experts for proper diagnosis and analysis of your needs. We’re skilled at formulating a proper treatment plan.
  • Extra care during the post-operative healing period. We’ll give you specific instructions on how to navigate the crucial healing process.
  • A comforting environment to put your fears and concerns to rest. We all know how a visit to the dentist – let alone an oral surgeon – can feel. Nevertheless, we can help.
  • Easy booking procedure and short waiting time before the surgery is performed.
  • Periodic calls and check-ups, just to see how you are doing after your surgery.

The oral surgeon you choose should be able to not only provide quality surgical services at the hands of trained experts, but also to make sure that all goes well – even well after your surgery is done.



So don’t hesitate! If you live in Red Bank, you can find the help you need at Hixson Implant & Oral Surgery.