We constantly strive to provide our patients with the finest dental care available. Our investment in advanced technology means a long-term investment in your future. State-of-the-art technology invites informed decision-making and enables patients to make wise choices concerning their oral health. East Brainerd Oral Surgery offers the latest technology for your benefit:

Panoramic X-ray:

The Panoramic X-ray provides your doctor with a panoramic view of the oral cavity and provides information at a glance about existing fillings, supporting bone, sources of infection, tumors, cysts, and decay. The Panoramic shows more of the mouth and surrounding structures, but with less detail of individual teeth, than small films.

Cone Beam 3D CT:

Cone Beam 3D Imaging combines low dose radiation patient exposure (up to 15 times lower than conventional CT scanner), with high quality 3D diagnostic imaging. Cone beam 3D imaging provides the most accurate and complete information possible in the fastest amount of time so we can accurately plan your treatment. It is especially useful for cosmetic and reconstructive dental work.  With the level of detail provided with the Cone Beam  it is quick and easy for dentists to evaluate if the patients has enough bone to support the dental implant, or if a bone graft is necessary prior to beginning dental implant procedures. The CT scanner also makes it easy to determine if a tooth, gums or other tissue is infected and allows for accurate treatment planning.


We offer a variety of implant systems and can perform multiple procedures on the same day. Our doctors will be happy to evaluate your dental needs and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. We utilize the most advanced techniques available for bone reconstruction and dental implants to replace missing teeth.


Nitrous Oxide, intravenous (IV) sedation and IV general anesthesia can be used during surgical procedures. We use the most updated anesthesia techniques. Our staff will be happy to discuss your options for anesthesia at your request.

Local Anesthesia:

This anesthesia is injected into the gum tissue at or near the area to be treated, producing a numbing effect that wears off after the procedure. Most dental patients find that the use of local anesthesia allows them to experience dental treatment comfortably.


Our computer system is designed to efficiently manage the most complex information. We make sure our computer system takes care of the technicalities so that you are provided with the most up-to-date information available.

Electronic medical records:

We retain all your information digitally, and this allows us to communicate with your general dentist regarding your treatment.  All communications from our office to your dentist are via secure systems, which require password access in both sending and receiving, and are fully in compliance with HIPAA regulations.