Wisdom Teeth Clot Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Wisdom Teeth Clot Fort Oglethorpe GA


So, your dentist has advised you to seek the help of a surgeon to remove your wisdom tooth. Fortunately, it’s a very simple procedure that we perform every day at East Brainerd Oral Surgery. But what about the post-surgery process? How does your mouth heal after your surgeon extracts a wisdom tooth? It all starts with the formation of a proper wisdom teeth clot, Fort Oglethorpe, GA surgeons explain.

This blood clot is the main foundation of the entire healing process. It provides a platform for all kinds of healing tissues and fibers. The result is gradual and healthy closure of the wound. On the other hand, if the blood clot is removed from its place, it results in what is called “dry socket.” Dry socket increases healing time and causes a more painful experience.

In order to ensure the formation of a proper wisdom teeth clot, Fort Oglethorpe, GA patients who have undergone tooth extraction should:

  • Keep biting on the gauze for an hour directly after you finish the procedure.
  • Avoid disturbing the wound with your tongue or fingers.
  • Refrain from rinsing your mouth with water or saline for at least 2 days.
  • Keep your mouth as clean as you can, but avoid using toothpaste so that it doesn’t get into the empty space left by the tooth.
  • Use a saline rinse 3 to 5 times daily, starting 2 days after the extraction procedure.

Expect some discomfort. However, if the pain becomes unbearable, seek advice from our team as soon as you can.

All these instructions decrease the possibility of complications. To know more about the post-operative healing process, call (423) 296-8210 now to schedule a consultation.