Wisdom Teeth Removal Fort Oglethorpe GA

Wisdom Teeth Removal Fort Oglethorpe GA

Wisdom teeth extraction is a very common surgery that is performed on a daily basis in our clinic. For that reason, you can trust us for wisdom teeth removal Fort Oglethorpe GA patients benefit from.

Wisdom teeth present with a few problems more often than not. It’s very difficult to reach the teeth at the back of the mouth with toothbrush or floss. That’s why they’re more susceptible to decay and periodontal disease. In addition, they’re shielded from view, making detection of the problem difficult. In fact, decay often goes unnoticed until symptoms such as pain or looseness begin to appear. For that reason, wisdom teeth are the most common teeth that need removal. And, because they’re so large, it can be an involved procedure.

Here is how the procedure goes in the hands of an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal Fort Oglethorpe GA patients depend on:

  • First step is to administer anesthetic—either local, sedation, or both—so that you feel no pain during the process.
  • Next, we evaluate how the tooth is situated. If enough tooth structure remains, then the procedure is more minimal. However, if the tooth is too decayed or if it is buried inside the bone, then the surgery becomes a bit more complicated. During the more complex process, a cut in the gums is needed. In addition, you’ll need some stitches.
  • Finally, we cover the area with a piece of sterilized gauze. Then, you’ll receive a few instructions for care of the wound.

Expect a small amount of pain and probably a bit of swelling. Ideally, the swelling should go down within a couple of days. Aches and pains are a normal part of the healing process, but eventually, they too will dissipate.

Now that you’ve learned how we perform this surgery you need to know why. In other words, “when do I know that I need wisdom teeth removal surgery?”

Here are a few symptoms as experienced by our patients:

1. Pain in the region

It makes sense that pain is the most probable cause for removal of wisdom teeth. However, you have to understand where the pain is coming from. It could be coming from the tooth itself due to its decay. Or, perhaps from the gums overlying it – since it is constantly being injured by the other teeth. Additionally, the pain could be from another tooth entirely. Improperly situated wisdom teeth tend to trap food, and that could cause the decay and periodontal disease of the neighboring teeth.

2. Swelling

Swelling is a tell-tale sign of infection. This is again due to food accumulation combined with an inability to clean the teeth properly. This can cause the bacteria to release their toxins, leading to swelling.

3. Limitation of jaw movement

A sequel to swelling. If the infection is left untreated, it may expand to reach the muscles that open and close the mouth. In that case, it will restrict jaw movement. In addition, more severe cases may lead to complete lockjaw.

So, if you start feeling any of these symptoms, our advice is simple. Don’t wait – because the longer you wait, the worse the situation becomes.

It’s time to take care of this problem once and for all. Call East Brainerd Oral Surgery at (423) 296-8210 now or schedule an appointment online to find out more.

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