Wisdom Tooth Surgery Hixson, TN

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Hixson TN


Let’s face it ­– no one likes wisdom tooth surgery. It can be an intimidating process, and the pain that we experience is no picnic either. Some people think of oral surgery like going to the dentist, only worse. However, for wisdom tooth surgery Hixson, TN turns to East Brainerd Oral Surgery. Because we understand the patient experience and do everything in our power to make you comfortable.

We understand how a dental surgery can be a cause for fear. For that reason, we offer you our decades of experience in wisdom tooth surgery Hixson, TN trusts. Our surgeons are completely dedicated, not only to the art and science of dental surgeries, but also to making the procedure as easy and comfortable as possible.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Hixson, TN Patients Rely On

  • First, we determine if a general anesthetic is necessary, and administer it if so.
  • Next, we administer a potent local anesthetic, making sure you feel no pain at all.
  • If the tooth is completely exposed, you’re in luck. In that case, all the surgeon has to do is pull it out.
  • If it is partially or completely buried, we must first completely expose it by making a small cut in the gums. This allows us to remove the fine layer of bone covering the tooth.
  • After we remove it, we clean the wound properly to minimize the chances of infection. We also make a few sutures. These can either dissolve on their own or we can remove them at your follow-up appointment a week or so later.

Does this seem intimidating? The truth is, wisdom tooth surgery may take no more than 30 minutes. In addition, our experienced surgeons have the skill you need for a simple procedure.

Don’t let fear keep you from a pain-free mouth! Turn to us for wisdom tooth surgery Hixson, TN patients rely on. And save yourself from future painful symptoms. Call (423) 296-8210 now to schedule a consultation.